winding up petition

If your debtor is a limited company or limited liability partnership and you are owed more than £750 on an undisputed debt then we can issue a Winding up Petition against the debtor. 

The Winding up Petition is presented in the District Registry and is personally served on the Company at its registered office address.

Following service of the Winding up Petition this is then advertised in the London Gazette, which usually results in the Company’s bank account being frozen thereby affecting its ability to trade, which is often enough of a threat to prompt payment of the debt and costs.

If no response is received from the debtor to the Winding up Petition the Court usually orders that the debtor be wound up at the hearing, as long as all the required formalities have been complied with and a liquidator is then appointed.

The initial cost to issue a Winding up Petition is £750 which is recoverable from the debtor.

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