legal action

At Expert Collections it is always our aim to recover debts quickly and practically without the need for legal action. 

Sometimes this isn't always possible if the debtor refuses to pay because either they have a dispute or if they genuinely don't have the ability to pay. In these circumstances we can organise legal action for you on a fixed fee basis.

We would always look at legal action as a last resort as there is no guarantee of success and if you are outlaying monies for court fees and solicitors costs then it may not be possible to recover these payments. It can also be time consuming for a business to engage in legal action, time which would often be better spent working on the business.

Even if you obtain a court judgment against a debtor then there is the further minefield of additional time and monies spent on enforcement of the judgment.

That's why by offering practical advice on a potential legal matter we can work out way to proceed is. We will always tell you what we think is in your best interests, not what we can do to maximise our fees as is sometimes the way with other debt collection companies and solicitors.

Please get in touch if you require any further information.