debtor tracing

As you would expect from a forward thinking Debt Collection Agency at Expert Collections we carry out background checks and searches on debtors to obtain contact details and addresses for free. We will only charge you for obtaining information if there is actually a charge to us.

There maybe occassions where a debtor has recently moved or mail is being returned from a known address where a more detailed trace for the debtor would be required. In these circumstances we use third party agents to check the financial records of a debtor to establish if there have been any application for loans or credit cards at an address or to source other information about the debtor.

This more details service costs £50 + VAT and is on a no find no fee basis. You are only charged if the debtor's address is confirmed and if not it costs you nothing.

We also offer the following searches and tracing services to help decide whether it is worth issuing legal action against a debtor or to establish further options in relation to enforcement action:

CCJ Search

Bankruptcy Search

Employment Trace

Land Registry Search

Director Search

Please get in touch if you require any further information.