credit management advice

If you have an overdue invoice or need to speak to someone about payment for work that you have done then please give us a call.

We offer free guidance and advice regarding any credit management problem and can help you to work about the best way to proceed on a particular matter. In these types of circumstances people sometimes go to see a solicitor who often charge an hourly rate and then advise the best way to proceed would be to issue court proceedings.

At Expert Collections we offer free practical advice and take a step back and look at the situation on the whole, not tell you what to do for our own benefit. For example, if you are owed money by a Limited Company we can do a background check at no cost to establish the company's circumstances and what the realistic chance of a recovery is. 

There is no point advising someone to start spending monies on expensive legal action if even they were successful, there ultimately be no assets to levy on.

In any event, if you were to use our free debt collection service then it wouldn't cost you anything even if the debt did pay.

Please get in touch if you require any further information.